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Which do you prefer, injection molds and 3D printed airplanes?

I dabbled with 3d printing and found that the airframes were too brittle to handle crashes/hard landings. Unless you are an excellent flier who rarely/never crashes, it's not worth it in my opinion. Where 3d printing shines for this hobby is for making simple stuff like control horns or a custom motor mount.

Injection molding doesn't have layer lines and would be in general more durable than a 3d printed part (especially if comparing the same type of plastic for both processes). I don't have any full sized injected molded planes, but many of the props I use, and micro quad airframes are injection molded and do well. In general, plastic doesn't scale to full sized planes well - it simply is too heavy when thick enough for durability, and then if thinner it's too weak to handle the rough treatment I put my planes though.
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I'm with @joelspangler on this one. As precise as injection molding is its greatly limited by the shape you want the part to be. With a 3D printer you can create almost any shape you want and easily switch to printing a different part. I do think injection molding is useful when producing high quantities of parts


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Vac formed plane bodies like some of the Volantex ones are really nice and absolutely indestructible actually so I would take that.


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i have printed a few planes and although they fly, i am always nervous about them. i think 3D printed planes still have some growing up to do before they are really what we need them to be.

until then i will keep printing parts and using foam.


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