Which FliteTest model for a beginner


Hey, so I am trying to get a friend into the hobby so I have someone to fly with. But I do not know which model to start them with. To keep things cheap, a FliteTest model is ideal, and we will probably scratch build. I have a built a few aircraft so that will not be a problem. For space/cost/durability reasons, I think a mini would be ideal as well.

But my question is which model should we start with? My first inclination was a tiny trainer setup as a 3 channel. But they prefer the look of the mini scout. Would a 3 channel mini scout be docile enough to learn to fly on? or should we just start with a tiny trainer and move electronics over when ready? They are pretty open to whatever, I just want to ensure they have a good experience.


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@Kbat11700 A Mini Scout is a very docile flyer, so long as there isn't much wind. Because it's so lightweight yet had rather large wing area, it can get tossed around by wind. Here's a video of my maiden flight with a Mini Scout. This is from a relatively newbie pilot. I thought the Scout was actually easier to fly than the Tiny Trainer I built first.


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If you can get the mini scout out during evenings when the wind dies down it's a very good flier. The tiny trainer might handle wind better, but I've never built one, so I don't know for sure.


Thanks for the quick responses!

Would the generic blue 9g servos be to big for the mini scout? I have a handful of them, just not anything smaller. The $4 a pop for 4g servos from HK isn't bad though.