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Who would win? Snoopy VS Red Baron

Hmmmmmm..........tough it truly is.......Snoopy may likely be an amazing pilot........but I tend to linger by the fact that his dog(house)fighter was built by Charlie Brown........still.....an IRL comparison would be fun......:)
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Charlie is a bit of a sad-sack, but considering the house flies, has a myriad of conveniences, and can comfortably sleep a dog on the roof, I think his skills as a builder are a hidden Gem . . . or Snoopy is the real builder at which point Charlie's sad-sackedness doesn't come into play.

And I do expect Snoopy is an excellent pilot, at least in his own mind, Sadly, I think the contest has been decided multiple times before:

Shot down.jpg

It would be interesting, however to see what it would take to make Snoopy the victor . . . with a dog house.