Bloody Wonder vs Blood Baron


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I would loves to see a dog fight episode where you have at least 2 of each in a streamer cut then fight to the death.


Flite is good
At Flite Fest, my Bloody Wonder went up against (complete free for all) two (maybe three, I can't remember who all was there) of the Bloody Baron's. They are definitely in the same class. Of course the superior pilots flying the Barons put my skills to shame. I could not even stay in the fray as tight as they did, let alone get any meaningful hits.

The Baron seems to have a wider speed envelope (I think it is the larger wing area). I slows down more than the Wonder.

The 4 channel set up on the BB is everything you wanted the 3 channel BW to be and does it better than the BW modded to 4 channel.

The BW seems to roll a smidgen tighter. But that is only noticeable in pure rolling maneuvers. As far as banking and yanking, the BB does it tighter and more responsively.

I think the BB will be the new standard for full contact and streamer combat airframes.

Sorry, did not mean to gush.