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Why is Josh Scott so slowly progressing?!

Recently someone on the forum wondered if I actually get any stick time off-screen because of my apparent slow progress as an RC pilot. This topic is brought up regularly, so I decided to address it with *gasp!* THE TRUTH!!! So here ya go...

"You're right, most of the time I get to spend flying is either on camera, or immediately following a shoot on a nice day when the crew takes a half hour to fly for fun before the sun goes down. I really enjoy every chance I get to fly and doing this show is one of my favorite things. But unfortunately you guys only get to see one facet of my life.

My full time job is not just a 40-hour-a-week clock in, clock out, leave your work at work kinda job. It literally consumes my life not because it's demanding or my bosses are dictators, but because it's what I was created to do. And I can't do the job well unless I live it and give it everything I have. If you want you can watch this video to get a small taste if what it is I do: http://vimeo.com/channels/192539#32521416

I love what I do, so I'm not talking bad about it, but when all is said and done it leaves very little time for other things, and my normal interaction with my wife and son is: come home, eat dinner, spend a half hour with them, then head to bed. So if I get some extra time throughout the week, you better believe I'm going to spend it with them! So naturally, this leaves even less time for the hobbies I enjoy: baseball, softball, bike-riding, and new to the list: flying RC planes.

I'm not trying to make excuses or tell you a sad story (I love my life and the purpose I derive from it). But there seems to be a high demand for an explanation of why I've progressed so slowly as a pilot. Obviously, I always want to improve (and I am, although slowly). But hey, as long as I'm providing for my family (financially and with quality time), fulfilling my purpose in life, being a part of changing lives for the better, and remaining relatible to all the RC noobs out there...I'm happy with me.

You guys can feel free to repost this if you want to any time the topic comes up. It's a lot for me to re-type over and over again :pr
What a beautiful video. Gives me great hope for the future of this country. A generation is rising to call us back to our roots. Josh is flying higher and farther then any RC plane can every go.


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Thanks Josh. I think we're more concerned that you seem to be playing down your abilities in the vids (especially the Horizon ones). It was cool when we saw you fly, unattached and fancy free in season 2...


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I think Josh.S is great the way he is, he does act a bit dumb, but that's the point of the show, it helps newbies feel a lot more comfortable, IMO


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Yeah- you know for a guy that has been flying for only about a year and a half Josh Scott is progressing fine.
Not all of us spend EVERY Saturday flying. There are plenty of other RC vids out there if you don't like Josh and Josh.
Me?- I like 'em. I'll keep watching even when they do goofy stuff from time to time and even if they do stuff that I'm not particularly interested in.
Now if they would get more COMBAT worked into the show...

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Josh I wouldn't worry about how slow or fast you are progressing. This is a hobby and as such it's supposed to be enjoyable, if you are having fun then who cares how fast you are learning.

Besides, I know some old timers at my club that have flown for decades and haven't progressed past simple circuits. One such individual still hasn't mastered landing in the short grass yet and has flown longer than I have lived.


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Wow! I'd didn't think you were progressing slow at all Scott. Besides RC hobby has always been about fun and so long as you're getting enjoyment from it, then you're progressing along nicely :D