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Wind loading calculation


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I really dont know, but Fred wanted me to post this here. A show idea, would be great to know how much the bixler could lift.

Also how the setup would be with full fpv / RVOsd

From Facebook:

Thorleif Jacobsen
Hello, I've got a "Bixler" i wanted to use for FPV, but what is maximum weight for this plane? I totally crashed it due to what i believe is too heavy configuration. I got a 2200 mah batt, RVosdV5, fpv pan/tilt, turnixy 9x RX and the 5.8ghz TX and a camera. Should it lift that with no problem? Dont know the max weight since i just ripped everything apart :p
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Fred Provost That's a great topic! How to calculate wing loading. Would you mind posting that in the show suggestion thread on the Flite Test Forum? http://flitetest.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?75-Show-Suggestions


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I heard the name Fred! That's me!

Yeah, I thought this was a good idea. And instead of just figuring for the Bixler, an episode teaching how to calculate the wing loading a plane needs to fly.

They could even use it in a challenge, like the flying brick, but adding weight until the plane can't handle it anymore.


I'd like a general guideline of wing loading for different types of planes. For instance, a sailplane would have a much lower wing loading than an EDF. I have seen a couple, but they didn't seem to agree very well.