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Wing dimmensions school project

Hi all

I am an aeronautical student and currently working on a project where me and my project group have to develop a model airplane who has to fly at a given deadline.
Now we have the idea to make a relatively long wing of total two meters or 6.5 ft and a chord of 25 cm or 9.8 inch . Do you guys think that this can work with a motor with these specs ?
Battery: 2 ~ 3 Cell /7.4~11.1V
RPM: 750 kV
Max current: 14A
Max power: 210W
Internal resistance: 0.160 ohm
Dimensions: 28x36m
Prop size: 7.4V / 12x6 11.1V / 9x6
Max trust: 800g or 1.76 lb
Propeller: 11 / 4.7

I hope that this is enough information and am looking forward to see your input of our idea.

Kind regards


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I agree with Sherriff.
The power to fly is directly proportional to the planes weight so 800 g thrust is plenty if the plane is light enough.
The problem is of course light strong structures are harder to design and make.
A very rough guess is with 800 g thrust (but you really need to test it to be sure) you could just about fly a plane weighing 1600 g but it would have to be pretty aerodynamically efficient.
Remember that 1600 g has to include the complete air frame, radio (?) control system and batteries.


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You have a good start on the equipment needed to complete the project.
Here is a plane that may fit your needs, build from foam board. I would highly recommend using foam board if you have access to it.



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Mark O Verkade
What ever you decide to do just make sure you leave enough time to not only test how it flies but also time to change and retest any modifications. It can take much longer than you thing to get a plane properly sorted out.
Getting an own design 'right first time' is rare and usually only occurs when the designer has years of previous experience to call upon! ;)


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You actually can use an 800 gram motor with just a 5 ft wingspan if you increase the chord. That would decrease total weight which could help, you just have to have a thick airfoil and fly slower.
I bet that the span/weight are not true but you can go with 1kg plane and 800g th . I have made an ft explorer that was ... 1kg with 3s2p li ion 18650 and it was ok with 1'6 m wing span 2212 generic aliexpres motor 1000kv 30a esc 2 x 9 g servo