wiring question


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i build a tiny trainer and finished it yesterday (yay me) ...

i found it quite hard to fit in all the cabling in the front part.
im thinking about shortening some of the cables.

one thing that puzzled me was an extra unused wire on my graupner s3082 esc.
it has 1 wire and has a connector that could fit in a receiver.

any ideas what its for?


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From their site it appears to be a battery voltage sensor: "An additional voltage sensor cable allows the voltage measurement and warning with the GR-12 SH or GR-12 SH Gyro receiver with the setting C5: Voltage. This feature is absolutely unique in this controller's category and it allows you to recognize a battery that is empty, thus protecting your model."


I'm not too familiar with the Graupner products, but it looks like this connection will be unused on your Tiny Trainer.
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