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XT60 Power Y-harness question

Can anyone tell me how long I need to make the power Y-harness for the FT Seaduck?
The store shows it as such:

"This 19 inch long 14 awg Y-harness comes with presoldered XT60connectors. This Harness is to be used on our twin engined planes such as the FT Cruiser, Kraken, and Guinea Pig."

It feels like it's a LITTLE bit longer than it needs to be, but at the same time, it's a good length when you have to try to fit your hand in the top hatch and move it around to get the battery connected...Having that extra makes it easier. The guys at my field were a little concerned with how long it was, thinking it would put up some resistance and the plane would bog down, but nope! My Sea Duck is a SOLID flier, and I've got plenty of power. The ONLY thing I've noticed is that my batteries are a LITTLE on the warm side after a flight, but that might be due to the low C rating on them - they're 25C batteries...And that's usually only on flights where I'm doing aerobatics and pushing the motors up to a constant full throttle.
Thanks for the info.
I couldn't find the Y harness in the store earlier before I posted the question.
Thanks again for the help