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You've seen the Lidl cheap foam RC power conversions, but here's a Lidl Twin! Detailed Build Blog

Easy build and it's been a marathon edit, but here is my very detailed build blog for a Lidl cheapo foam glider twin-engined power rc conversion. AUW 260 gms with 1000mA 2s. As yet unflown due to weather, but seems enough power there and CoG is good, so we will see? It looks nice anyway ;) Subscribe to see the (hopefully successful?) maiden! You might take me to the 5K subscribers on my channel ;)
I only use a little spring balance to weigh it could be + or - 10 grammes ;)

And anyway, who going to challenge anyone flying a model and produce a set of scales and weigh the model? :) That'll be the day! They don't even bother to investigate break ins etc in the UK now as the police are so under staffed! You could pull out the Lipo and tell them it's >250 gms without Lipo, they wouldn't know any different. It's all a load of xxxx unless someone is doing something really stupid in a public space I think.


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Not a twin but my Lidl is below 250 g.

235 g with an 950 g 2s to be exact.
Modified with aerodynamics in mind so it also has a folding prop. It glides very nicely.
Successful maiden (eventually ;) ) of my TWIN engined cheapo Lidl (£8) glider RC conversion. (Actually the Wish version of the glider. Same thing really.) After a bit of trimming it was flying like a dream. I set up the props contra-rotating but it was pulling very hard left as you can see in the video. At first I thought maybe my matched motors weren't pulling with equal power, but then realised if that was the case, when it was powered off and gliding having trimmed it right it would then be pulling the other way. Might just be that an £8 foam glider has a few twists though it looks pretty true? At the end of the day, I don't care, it was great to fly! The twin build video, parts list etc are all listed on the video.