$10 Foam Glider PowerPack

Part $10 Foam Glider PowerPack 2.0

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My first attempt at this I have some downward angle added but that one lost the pod on the first crash. When I strengthened it I forgot to add the angle.

So Version 2 has 10 degrees of down angle (5 for the angle of attachment and 5 for throttle control.)

Also added is text to show servo size.
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Update 16 June

I originally designed this for micro servos, but have had a request to design it for 9 gram servos as well. An issue also came up with the build area so I have also split the design at the battery tray.

So in summery;
PowerPod The original one - piece Pod for Micro Servos
PowerPod_Split Same as above, Split for smaller build areas.

PowerPod_9gServo One piece PowerPod for 9gram Servos.
PowerPod_9gServo_Split Same as above, Split for smaller build areas.

Any other input is welcome! (Let's see builds/Maidens!)