power pod

  1. J

    P 38 power pod installation

    Hey guys, I'm watching the p38 lightning build video and it looks like we are only securing the power pods with three small beads of glue each. Should we also be securing the power pods with barbeque skewers like in other builds?
  2. davidkdk

    Simple Cub Power Pod setup

    Hey Folks, I've almost finished building my first FliteTest plane, the Simple Cub. It's my first build of anything in about 40 years... and it's been excellent... and fun. I'm using Power Pack B with a 3S 1300mAh battery. The build video shows the ESC on the bottom of the power pod but then...
  3. kimballgoss

    Selling - Aluminum Power Pods and firewall (custom made)

    Flite Test Aluminum Power Pods and Firewall (custom made) Did a test run seeing if I could make my own aluminum flite test parts at the metal fab shop I work at, I made a few but it's been a few years now so I don't need them anymore. There's 4 pods and 1 firewall. They are all made from...
  4. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Solved Power Pod Cooling System - Air Scoop!

    Ever wonder how hot your ESC gets? Swappable Power Pods are a great idea... But not much air flow. Check this out!
  5. kilroy07

    Part $10 Foam Glider PowerPack 2.0

    You can find this on Thingiverse as well- Designed for my specific hardware (basically an "F" pack) but you may get your stuff to fit. A 1300 2S balances nicely (front skid pad right up to slope on glider.) Not a huge fan of Wal-Mart... Hobby Lobby has these as well (and you can often find a...
  6. S

    Firewall Dimensions - FT Cruiser Power Pod

    Hi, I'm preparing to build my first plane. I have chosen the FT Cruiser and have searched the forum but can't seem to find the dimensions for the firewall. I can start to build the Power Pods which will allow me to determine the width, but what is the height? In the video it looks like it...
  7. F

    Is it possible to build something using a d2822/14 motor and a 2200 mah lipo?

    Hi guys! i am Francisco from Argentina and it is my first time around here. I have some electronics for an rc plane at home, but i don´t know if it is possible to scratch-build a plane using them. I have a turnigy brushless outrunner motor ( d2822/14, 1450 kv), a turnigy 2200mah 3s 25 lipo...
  8. J

    How do I attach motor to power pod?

    Hi folks, building my first RC plane – the FT Storch. Not getting very far! Bought the precut kit with the recommended electronics. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to attach the motor to the power pod. Obviously, the wires in this picture must be stationary. Thus, that part of...
  9. tmack

    Nutball Build

    My son and I just built a Nutball this weekend. It was pretty windy for flying, but we flew anyway. Next weekend there is an indoor flying event so we are looking forward to that as well. Here is how we outfitted our NutBall. I bought a 5 pack of power pods and should have bought the laser...
  10. S

    power pack c (twin motor) battery

    I'm trying to figure out the best battery to use with the power pack c ( twin motor ). I'm interested in good flight times with higher speeds. I try to always get a little more bang for my planes by having a little extra power if necessary. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for your time
  11. J

    FT Explorer Tractor?

    Has anyone built and flown an FT Explorer and used a traditional swappable power pod in it to fly it as a tractor and not a pusher?
  12. kacknor

    My Mini Sportster Build Mods

    My Mini-Sportster Build Mods I’m relatively new to RC airplanes compared to many here, Flying just over a year and building about as long. About a dozen or so FT designs so far both scratch and speed build kits, plus a few modified planes based on FT design and one or two started with a...
  13. _beta

    3D Printed Power Pod (A)

    Hello, I am a beginner in RC flight and have built the FT Tiny Trainer. Me and my friend were at my acreage flying our Tiny Trainers (we are both noobies) we both crashed lots and the only thing that broke was the power pods. I was thinking as I built my replacement power pod that I should 3D...
  14. S

    Gamera with Power pod

    Here is a short video of a hydroplane that I made. Hope you like it. https://youtu.be/AvBiJvHrwJI
  15. Y

    Versa Wing tractor setup

    My Versa Wing is ready to maiden. I've decided to fly with a tractor config for a while powered by an 8X4 prop, Emax GT2210/11 motor, 20A ESC and 1800mAh 3S Battery (Lazertoyz "BEEF" option). With added weight and power, how secure is the powerpod attachment ?. In the "Speed Challenge"...
  16. S

    Problems with Power Pod electronics and components

    Hello, My name is Silvester, and I live in the Netherlands. I want to build the FT power pod, and HobbyKing has a warehouse in the Netherlands. I want to order from that warehouse, because it will save me about 40 euros of shipping costs. However, not all electronics and components are...
  17. P

    Need help: Major n00b doing first build!

    Hi! Sorry if there's any silly questions. Also sorry if this is in the wrong section. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, I'm going to be building my first model. I'm brand new to electric flying, I have a fantastic area near me that I want to fly in (my gas plane is too noisy). I...
  18. R

    Power pod nose reinforcement for swappable

    Hey guys, this is my first post here so if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it. I've recently built the FT Delta as my first plane to learn on and being new to RC planes I ended up making it a bit heavy by covering the surfaces with packing tape to waterproof it and add strength...
  19. 0

    Power pod question

    Hey all, I am new to scratch building and RC in general. I am attempting to scratch build my first FT Flyer. I taped the tiled plans together and before I began cutting it out I decided to measure the distance between the tabs on the power pod as well as where the tabs meet the wings on the FT...
  20. N

    Power Pod Set-up for Versa Wing and others

    Hello! New to the forums, asking for advice: I've built my first FT swappable, a Versa Wing. One side's a bit off from the other, but not too bad. I'm waiting on Flite Test parts for my power pod to build it. Using some online calculators and some educated guesswork, I ordered the following...