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AeroTechPlanes Foamboard Pitts Special Aerobatic Plane Chuck Glider!

Plane AeroTechPlanes Foamboard Pitts Special Aerobatic Plane Chuck Glider! 2020-05-19

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I designed this beautiful foamboard plane using software like Blender, and Adobe Illustrator. I didn't actually use illustrator, but I used a free version of something like it. It took 5 versions to perfect it, and I like the way that it turned out. It even has the bottom wing with diheadral, and the top wing swept. It is really strong, and I encourage you to build it. There should be a build video coming out soon, so if you do build it, you'll know how to do it right. To get plans, go to my website at https://aerotechplanes.jappl.es and scroll all the way down to Foamboard Plans, and find the picture of it. To watch the design video or the build video, watch the videos below.

IMG_2985[1].JPG IMG_2986[1].JPG

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