Arrowhead; Aerobatic Tailed Delta

Plane Arrowhead; Aerobatic Tailed Delta 1.0

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Design By: Vimana89
Plans By: Grifflyer

Description: A "park flyer" sized delta plane with a unique tailed configuration that's easy to build and fly, has a minimal parts count, and is highly aerobatic. The smooth and effortless maneuvering makes this bird look totally at home in the sky, and has lead some to compare it to a "flying snake" or a "fish swimming in water".

Design/Aerodynamics: The Arrowhead is a tailed delta, a unique and under-represented category in both RC and full scale aviation. Some notable historical and RC tailed deltas employ(ed) a T-tail, a design element that caused problems at high angles of attack. The Arrowhead does not share this feature and its related drawbacks, and takes a different aerodynamic approach, using a more traditional tail plane separated from the main wing by some length of fuselage.

The design features a simple, one sheet thick wing with no air foil for light weight and easy construction, while still being very durable due to the size and shape of the wing. The winglets lend some directional stability and smoother tracking while cleaning up some of the turbulent air flow by the wing tip areas. The twin tails further enhance stability and tracking, and give the tail sort of a WW2 bomber aesthetic that hybridizes nicely with the delta wing and winglets. The winglets and twin tails are a two-part system that smooths out turbulent air flow along the most critical points and ensures no nasty stall tendencies due to bungled air flow(y).

Build Difficulty: 1/5, as simple as it gets, although some builders (like me!) may have a bit of trouble or need to take their time with the long cut and fold lines on fuselage.
Flying Difficulty: 1.5/5, not necessarily a trainer or beginner plane, but a good second or third plane. The Arrowhead is extremely easy and straight-forward to fly, and has a huge flight envelope that gives the pilot a lot of room to grow.

Parts Selection/Setup: The Arrowhead is an extremely versatile platform that's low on wing loading, so there's a ton of possible options, but for reference, I'd recommend the FT radial 1806 2280kV (A pack) as the base option, and the FT 2205 2300KV as a higher power option. I wouldn't go smaller than the 1806, but a bit bigger motors than the 2205 could work well.

Prop selection is dependent on choice of motor and style of flying. From my experience on 3s with the 1806 Radial; Two blades and higher pitch/bigger diameter(to a certain extent that torque allows) for higher top speed and fast rolls, three blades with low pitch for good all-around performance, speed envelope, and aerobatics including high alpha. A prop with four blades and low pitch is a nice choice for superb slow flight, epic high alpha, and some slow and light 3d aerobatics.

Flying: Nothing to it! The plane will handle a bit differently based on prop and motor choices, but generally, it will follow your throws, wherever they go, on the double. No nasty stall tendencies here. The Arrowhead has great stability for its size and lower aspect shape, as well as maneuverability that's extremely responsive, but smooth and snappy, not twitchy. Landings are a breeze with the high alpha capability. This bird has great high alpha, but maneuvering precisely at high angles of attack will take a bit of practice on 3ch AET without a rudder, but is definitely possible.

Aerobatic maneuvers that can be done with the Arrowhead include: Axial rolls, barrel rolls, snap turns, stall turns, wingover turns, Immelmann maneuvers, loops, reverse loops, inverted flying, high alpha, hover, and probably more yet to be discovered.

Closing/Updates: This design has already been tested favorably by multiple forum members. Possible updates, links to build guides, articles, etc. will be posted under this heading.
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This is an awesome plane that can fly fast, slow, and everything in between. Great job!
Great, fun, fast plane. Stable in slow speeds, a rocket at full throttle. Rolls on a dime and is an absolute blast to fly. I highly recommend it as a simple quick build that will give you tons of fun. I personally built mine out of 3mm FB and it flew great. Download, print, build, fly it, and then post about your exprience.