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Part FT P-40 3D printed bottom hatch 1

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FT P-40 3D printed bottom hatch. It fits in like the old one. If using a standardized BBQ skewer, I used a 9/64 drill bit to drill it out. I didn't design a hole into the design because I wasn't sure where I wanted it, and where you feel it needs to go could vary. Alternatively, if you didn't want to put another hole in your plane you could hold it in place with a couple of magnets.

The hatch is rounded and has a simulated intake scoop to look a little more scale. You will need to cut the front bottom part of the fuselage down to reveal the curvature. I bevel cut mine to add to the contour then covered it with glue for strength. It looks more sleek and adds to the look of the plane.

I printed out of PLA+ with 10% infill. The infill when you drill through it helps grab and hold the BBQ skewer. It would probably be better out of PETG if you make it as a belly lander.

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