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Plane Mig 29 Twin 50mm EDF 1

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
This is my design derived somewhat from papercraft designs found on the internet adapted for DTFB. This plane should take you 3-4 sheets depending on how miserly you want to be.

It is designed to be a lightweight, simple to build and easy to fly jet. You will need to be familiar with foam molding techniques, as this is a semi master series style build. The only part which is somewhat tough is the upper canopy/fuselage section.

The upper canopy can be held on with magnets at the rear and attached and detached as one unit, or glued on with hatches cut in it. I suggest the former, as this allows the canopy/nosecone section to break away and not get any damage, and also allows for easy access to all components. This is how I built my last two.

Engines should me mounted at the rear of the plane, with the motors only about half an inch from the back of the fuselage.

I have 2 of these. Lots of sites say they are 3S but I use them on 4S no issues with 40A escs. They are qx motor 4600kv. Allegedly provide 900g of thrust each. This plane flies on 3S no problems. I use 2200 MAH batteries. You could get a bigger one in if you jam it further back, or maybe a smaller one if you scoot it further forward.


This plane is fairly easy to fly, does high alpha well, and slows down great too. The elevons provide enough pitch and bank authority, you don't need ailerons unless you really want them. You need two servos for the elevators anyways.

I haven't made engine nozzles for it yet, those are yet to come. Also there is a slight upthrust issue, which I hope I can cure by simply making thrust tubes.

Build plan here:

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