Howard DGA-6 aka Mr. Mulligan

Plane Howard DGA-6 aka Mr. Mulligan 2.0

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Quick update. I cleaned out the plans leaving only the pieces that are needed to build the model. I added optional design elements and a set of decals that are not mine so credit to Hip Pocket Aeronautics, which I just recently found out about and think is worth sharing :).
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# Wing top/bottom wing cords have been adjusted based on problems that have been dedected.
# Missing markings.

# Vent holes on the fuselage for electronics cooling.
# Velcro strap slots for holding down the battery in two locations for different sized batteries.

I added back a few peices to play around with so just make sure you ask me if you are not sure if a piece is in use or not. Only 3 pieces have been added that I want to play around with and are not needed for the build until they have been tested.