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NF-1 Simple Biplane

Plane NF-1 Simple Biplane v1.0

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
Simple biplane inspired by Ken Willard's "Schoolgirl" designed in 1965. I got hold of the balsa plans and used that as a starting point, and designed a plane optimal for my wishes.

28" wingspan
1804-2200KV motor
850mAh 3S battery
334g all-up weight
Photos, video, discussion HERE

Please note: This hasn't been designed as a speedbuild kit to cut-glue-fly.
A little bit of prior design/build experience is assumed.

These are the plans I drew and built from for my own use. There are a couple places you'll want to build the way you see fit:
1. How you want to reinforce the wings at the glue joints.
2. How you want to affix the removable top wing to the fuselage.
3. How you want to design the hatch.
4. How you want to mount the motor.
(You can see how I did these things in the build thread.)

It should print just fine. Any printing issues or other questions or problems, feel free to reach out to me.

Here's a teaser of the CAD work before I printed the pdf templates:
biplane Cad.png
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