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Plane Origin 300i 4.2

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It's a fun and challenging build, but it's very rewarding to see it fly. It's not some foamboard looking thing with square corners- it gets really fancy, and with that comes difficulty, especially in beveling the correct angles. it's a whole under-bevel-and-squish trick, and you don't have to glue all the seams- but if you're good at not using too much glue and keeping it light, it couldn't hurt to glue every seam.


It's based on the Origin 300 series ships from the game Star Citizen. As for the 300i's role in the game, it's basically a space BMW. Same appeal, same market sector. https://starcitizen.tools/300i is the wiki page for the 300i. For paint scheme ideas, it's easiest to stick with the 300i, but you can also take inspiration from the variants of the series (the 350r is pretty cool if you ask me).

Flight characteristics depend on how you build the powerplant, which is deliberately not specified or designed in. There's an obvious spot for a rear firewall, and I *recommend* a yaw-vectored rear pusher prop (C pack radial 4S, 3000mAh+ to balance), but that comes with some drawbacks, such as it totally needing a tail skid to prevent prop strikes that trash the vectoring servo. You can also build it as a twin B pack if you put a pusher prop behind each main wing. If you're daring, you can run an EDF or BDF!
Landing gear is also not specified, I went with tricycle gear not unlike the ship in the game, but it can be done as individual struts or steerable nose and heavy wire mains. It's up to the builder, but be aware of bumpy runways, and bumpy things that are not runways but you wish they were.

CG sits 1-2 inches behind the root leading edge. It seems really far forward, but it's what works.

"Good luck, have fun, don't die!" -Pathfinder from Apex Legends
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