Retro Rocket EDF Thrust Vectoring for 70mm

Part Retro Rocket EDF Thrust Vectoring for 70mm 1.1

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3D Print Files (STL, G-code, etc.)
The nozzle will print without support. The Thrust Tube requires support around the servo mounts.
I printed with PLA, 100% infill.

You will need to wet sand the ball-joint surfaces. I started with 400 grit, and worked my way up to 3000 grit. This makes for a smooth friction-less joint.

You will probably need to sand to fit your EDF. I used a dremel drum bit to ream it out to a perfect friction fit. I did not need to glue to the EDF.

I mounted the unit in a v-tail orientation due to limited space. It was pretty easy to program into EdgeTX.

I have included a pattern for the modified fuselage rear, as well as an additional EDF Support. This support should fit about an inch behind the other.

I have zero experience flying with thrust vectoring, but this is a solid design, and I would love to see any flight videos of it in action.

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