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  1. Robbie

    QAV 250 VS MXP230 VS Blackout H 250 VS Strider Mini 250

    Hey Guys, I am thinking of buying a legitimate frame after my cheap carbon 280 EMAX frame, personally I like the the Strider because of the in built OSD but i also know that the QAV and Blackout fly really well, whats your opinion? QAV 250 http://www.lumenier.com/products/multirotors/qav250...

    3D Printed 250 Racer Build Log

    I was recently inspired by mpbiv's build and ImmersionRC's new Vortex and decided to design another quad. As you can see, the design is heavily influenced by the ImmersionRC Vortex. You may also notice it's far from finished. At this point in the project I would like to do something a little...
  3. J

    eBay multirotors kits

    Hello everyone, I was looking into mini quads and this pop into the screen and I wonder if they are good. Can with this configuration I carry a gopro or bigger batteries? And those kits are fine or is better go to Hobbyking and get everything separately...
  4. jsut210

    MiniQuad Battery Findings

    So today some friends and I had a quad race down at our local RC club. Needless to say, I'm going to need more power to be competitive. So instead of flying my 5030 props, I'm going to give some 5040 and 5030 3 blade props a shot. But when I do this, my current consumption will go up. This in...