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    Quadcopters with manual mode

    Can someone tell me what all are the options for buying the quadcopters have manual/agility/acrobatic mode in addition to the stability mode.Some that I know of are Blade Nano QX, LaTrax Alias,Blade 250 QX
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    Multirotor acrobatic flying (warthox style)

    Hi all, Since I couldn't find any "acrobatic" multirotor flying thread on the forum, I thought about starting a thread in the electric multirotor section, and eventually, if enough people is (or get) hooked to it, maybe creating a section for it in the "specialty flying" section ! :) So, to...
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    New RC beginning. First foamie, first electric! Baby blender in color.

    Hello everyone. Flew a few RC gas trainers/combat gremlins and control line when I was a kid. Had not flown in 10 years. Went looking for balsa plans and ran into first the Arman wing then Flite Test. An airfoil without a foam cutter did it for me. Even with my learning disability (specifically...
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    ft aerobotic special

    A scratch build I put together then accidentally left hanging in my old apartment. I am planning on building it again and figuring out details. Some advice I would love to hear is four or two ailerons and symmetrical vs asymmetrical airfoil