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Quadcopters with manual mode

Can someone tell me what all are the options for buying the quadcopters have manual/agility/acrobatic mode in addition to the stability mode.Some that I know of are Blade Nano QX, LaTrax Alias,Blade 250 QX


New member
Other than some "toy" multis and some AP platforms, I think most of them will do some kind of manual/acro mode. Once you get into the DIY side of things it's the Flight Controller that offers these features, again I'm not certain but most of them will have a manual mode.
The H8 mini (~$15) is hackable with a USB ST-link dongle (~$5). The two rates/modes gave me enough challenge to master the quad. (high rate is incredebly fast and touchy, especially jaw) Now with the ST-link I can flash the software to acro mode. (will begin with this soon)