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  1. S

    Which Goop?

    Hi, Just about to build prototype in expanded polystyrene her in the UK. I keep reading about ‘Goop’ but it is not generally available here but I can get it via eBay. It turns out that.there are lots of varieties: automotive, garden, plumbing etc. Which one do folk use for setting in...
  2. still_frosty

    Building With Coroplast

    Hello Fellow Builders. I've been thinking of building a project with coroplast. I've never worked with it before and I was wondering if any of you have built with it, and if so, what kind of glue did you find to work best? Do you think that PVC cement would work? It would be nice to find a...
  3. J

    First Time Scratch Build

    I am just starting to get into the hobby and am working on making a mini arrow. I decided to run out and get dollar tree foam board instead of ordering a speed build kit (bad idea?). I have had the plans printed out full scale and am about to begin construction. My question is to whether the...