Which Goop?


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Just about to build prototype in expanded polystyrene her in the UK.

I keep reading about ‘Goop’ but it is not generally available here but I can get it via eBay.

It turns out that.there are lots of varieties: automotive, garden, plumbing etc.

Which one do folk use for setting in reinforcing rods, fixing motor mounts etc?



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Hey Stevesteve, welcome to the forum!

Dunno about goop. Its OK, but not a fan of the stuff myself. For model building, I actually prefer something we can't get over here easily but you should -- Uhu-Por. Just the regular stuff that comes in the metalized toothpaste tube.

Has a bit of a stink to it (probably why it's no longer imported) but it's foam safe, spreads fairly thin, fairly strong, sets to rubbery, and sets in about 10-20 min (good field repair glue).

EPS, huh? Build with what you have, I suppose, but it's also usually my last choice for foam. It can make a decent airframe, but it's hard to work with, and shatters to snow. If you've got the gear, I recommend cutting and shaping with heat tools ( hot wire, hot knife) as the melted edges form reasonably well, but the cut surfaces can turn to confetti. Personally, I'd lean more towards depron or XPS for a foam scratch build (DTFB is alike a low grade of depron, covered in paper), but no idea what you can get to easily in the UK to recommend. In the end, use what you got . . .

. . . And post a few pics here of her when you've built her out ;)


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I couldn’t find the blue or pink foam boards in any of the DIY sheds near me. As it is a prototype and I haven’t cut foam wings for decades it is a cheap and cheerful way of getting it done. They will be a bit brittle though and I may try some fibreglass rods to strengthen it. Everyone seems to talk about ‘Goop’ but which variety?

Having said that, UHU Por seems like a good call and is readily available in the UK which is an easy option for me!

I will post pics when I have some wings... I will have loads of questions I’m sure!