Building With Coroplast

Hello Fellow Builders.

I've been thinking of building a project with coroplast. I've never worked with it before and I was wondering if any of you have built with it, and if so, what kind of glue did you find to work best? Do you think that PVC cement would work? It would be nice to find a glue that is relatively fast setting, but not "instant stick", to allow a few seconds for lining parts up correctly.

Thanks in advance for any and all input! :)


I've built water rockets with Coroplast for the fins. The best glue has been Proline Premium. There are a couple of different versions, but they are both very strong, and stick to coroplast just fine. I use the stronger version that needs more time to set for most things, but the "fastgrab" is still good. You will need to clamp or tape things in place while it sets even with the "fastgrab."

PVC cement probably won't work since coroplast is mostly polyethylene.


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Original Gorilla Glue works fine on Cloroplast. But it can be messy. I've gotten to the point where I'm ONLY building powerpods out of this stuff now.

I did also build a Crak Yak out of it, but it's HEAVY. way heavier than my DTFB version, so be prepared.