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advice needed

  1. CraftyPilot

    Cox .049 Model

    Has anyone put a Cox .049 on a foamboard model yet? I've got two working ones laying around and haven't decided on the model to put them in. I'm basically looking for a stable and robust flyer that can carry a small nitro engine. It should be fairly easy to repair and doesn't need to be very...
  2. D

    Advice please Quadcopter

    I am looking to purchase a quadcopter, I already have a yuneec breeze 4k, but I am looking for a more speedy quad. any advice on a quad kit with a transmitter (remote) for $130 max. brushless motors, pretty decent speed, I don't really care about the camera, I have the Yuneec breeze for that...
  3. sms021

    Parallax Foam Board Build Help?

    FliteTest did an article a while back about Terry Dunn and his Parallax design. I followed the links and purchased the plans thinking it would be a fun build. After receiving the plans it quickly became apparent that I'm not in a space where I can work with large sheets of blue foam and make...
  4. N

    FT Simple Cub modifications

    Hello all! So I'm currently getting a Simple Cub ready to go, but have a few modifications in mind. First and foremost, I'm a HUUUUGE fan of STOL planes. As such, Ive decided to make my Simple Cub more of a bush plane design. I have a pair of 3" wheels for my main gear (a whopping half inch...
  5. Lucario

    Greetings from Tennessee! Questions about balsa too.

    I've been watching flite test for quite some time, and I've been flying cheap rc's since i was a kid. But I've always wanted to build my own models. In my opinion, there's nothing like seeing your own work take flight. I've purchased some Guillows kits and I've been working on the lancer as it...
  6. F

    Question about reducing Bloody Wonder/Funbat roll sensitivity.

    Hello, my FT Bloody Wonder is overly roll-sensitive and I was wondering if anyone could share some ways of reducing this tendency? It is so so sensitive, it is very difficult to fly. I've tried shortening the linkages, and adjusting the positioning of the white thingy with the holes in...