1. Croom

    I Broke my Simulator...

    Supplies for Simulator Fun: 1. Evening with nothing to do 2. Simulator 3. Friend who can't fly 4. Remote control DeLorean 5. Aircraft Editor If you have these items please, do not use them in this way! Disclaimer: I don't give two busted Quads what the heli you do on your simulator m8. As long...
  2. Croom

    Easter bunny? Nope! Easter Drone leaving eggs to hide!

    A small skit I did with my little sister. The easter bunny?! Turns out NOPE! It's really drones that deliver and hide our easter eggs and presents! This explains everything. A little girl wakes up early to see if she can see the easter bunny hiding eggs, she gets a huge surprise when she sees...
  3. Croom

    Quad Flying on Top of a Mountain

    I was flying my Quad on top of some mountains in California. Got some pretty cool stuff.
  4. Croom

    DJI Phantom Drone Epic Footage

  5. Croom

    Realflight 7 Ultimate Biplane Noob 3D Flying

  6. Croom

    Local Airshow - Featuring the Red Bull Helicopter with 3D stunts!

    A montage of our local airshow
  7. Croom

    Yak-54 Extremely Nooby 3D flying :)

  8. Croom

    FT Mustang With Epic Paint Job Flight

  9. Croom

    Delta Starfighter - Easy to build and the Building Time is only 1-2 hours!

    This plane is very easy to build and fun to fly! Please leave a comment if you would like to build one, and I will gladly post a build video. Parts List: 2 micro 5 gram servos 10 amp ESC 3 cell 350-500 mah Lipo Battery Power Up 250 Slofly Motor 1 Sheet of Dollar Tree Foam board Receiver...
  10. Croom

    Radian Glider - Spectacular Flight from 300+ Feet (HD Mounted Cam)

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  11. Croom

    FT Mustang Maiden Flight My scratch built FT mustang. Youtube channel:
  12. Croom

    Realflight 7 - How to add weapons to any aircraft/P-51 Combat/Sbach 3D

    Adding Weapons: Combat: Noob 3D: Check out my Youtube...
  13. Croom

    Radian Glider With HD Ing Cam - Spectacular footage Check it out
  14. Croom

    FT Mustang - Epic Paint Job

    Check out what I did to my Mustang: Check out the flight video:
  15. Croom

    Radian Glider With HD wing cam - Spectacular footage I mounted a small HD cam on the wing,the park looks really good from up there :)
  16. Croom

    Delta Fighter Flight Great Plane by RCTESTFLIGHT Youtube Channel: Website:
  17. Croom

    Radian Glider and Firebird Stratos Flying in formation Me and my bro flying our planes in formation. Enjoy! Youtube Channel: Website:
  18. Croom

    Delta Starfighter - Own Design Scratch build Video The maiden and upgrades. Youtube channel: Link to build/review thread: Website:
  19. Croom

    Delta Starfighter - Scratch Build

    Flight Video: Dimensions/specs video: Website: Youtube: Hello everyone! I'm Croom from AileronRC and I love to...