Delta Starfighter - Easy to build and the Building Time is only 1-2 hours!


Freehand Scratch Builder

This plane is very easy to build and fun to fly!
Please leave a comment if you would like to build one, and I will gladly post a build video.

Parts List:

2 micro 5 gram servos

10 amp ESC

3 cell 350-500 mah Lipo Battery

Power Up 250 Slofly Motor

1 Sheet of Dollar Tree Foam board

Receiver and transmitter of your choice

Carbon rod (optional)

Popsicle sticks

Hot Glue Gun

Easy Route: All of these electronics can be ordered from Headsuphobby in a nifty package for around $40 (not including transmitter and receiver) Link:

The total cost (including a spektrum receiver) should be around $80, but there are cheaper receivers out there. I buy 1 and switch it around in my planes so I don't have to spend the extra money.

Building time: around 1-2 hours, depending how fast you cut

Building experience: none! Extremely easy and fast to build. Plus, the airfoil costs a whopping $1

Steps to building:

1. Cut out bottom foam piece

2. Cut out top piece tracing bottom piece to create a KF airfoil

3. Cut out vertical stabilizers

4. Glue top piece (and carbon rod) to bottom and bevel leading edge to create your KF airfoil

5. Glue on vertical stabilizers and popsicle sticks

6. Cut out propeller shaft

7. Glue on electronics

8. There is no step 8, you are done!

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