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  1. C

    Bushwacker Build Questions

    I am building the FT Bushwacker as my first plane. I noticed that power packs C and B were gone from the store (not just out of stock, they aren't there anymore) and I am looking to round up the parts from other websites and possibly save some money, but still get roughly the equivalent to the...
  2. R

    Detrum GAVIN-8C 8-Channel Transmitter with SR86A Receiver+Gyro

    I have not yet mastered the art of flying yet, so I need all the help I can get. Last year I used an orange radio and it is fine although it does not have a three position switch, so I could not use my gyro. But yesterday I noticed this new radio from motion r/c and I am waiting to see more...
  3. The Alpine Ace

    Anyone have plans/ideas for a foamboard 3D profile (foamie) airplane?

    I've been practicing a lot on the simulators, because of winter, and I've gotten good at the 3D planes. I want get a real life counterpart, and I have a lot of spare parts and foamboard. Anybody have any designs for a profile or foamie 3D airplane that I can make out of foamboard? I know there's...
  4. F

    Fundraiser for AeroKingRC.com

    Post ended
  5. J

    The Standard Repair Kit For Begginers

    Hey there all, The tool that I most use by far is a hot glue gun. They are very cheap and an investment that you will not regret, I assure you! Click Here As most of you will be starting out on foamies I recomend investing in some toothpicks, as these are the ultimate way to quickly patch up any...