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Bushwacker Build Questions

I am building the FT Bushwacker as my first plane. I noticed that power packs C and B were gone from the store (not just out of stock, they aren't there anymore) and I am looking to round up the parts from other websites and possibly save some money, but still get roughly the equivalent to the original power pack C.

My first concern was the EMAX GT2215-09 motor that came with the original pack was discontinued mid-2017. Is there a newer, more efficient and cheaper option to go with now?

Another question I had was about servos. I was going to buy the 6 pack of Emax ES08A II's from banggood, the same servos that the pack came with, but then I saw the TowerPro SG90's, which were about $8 cheaper for 6 than the others. Do they perform the same or should I stick to the Emax servos?

One last thing, where can I get decent batteries for not too much money? I'm looking for a 3s 2200mah.

And if anyone knows why the power packs aren't on the store anymore, I'd love to know.

Thanks for any help,


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I just finished hunting around for batteries. I bought the G5 50Cmax 3S 2100mAh 4.2V-Max LiPo from the FliteTest store. It was actually a pretty good price.
G5 50Cmax 3S 2100mAh 4.2V-Max LiPo

I find that 3S batteries are usually about $21 for a 2100mAh battery. Shipping is more expensive though.

Alternatively, http://www.headsuphobby.com/ is where I get most of my parts. Shipping is a flat $2.50 for orders. The batteries I was buying (EZ Flite Pro) only last about a year before getting a dead cell...for me. That's why I went with FliteTest and Hyperion battery in the hopes that it is a higher quality battery.

I hope this helps you a little.


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On the Servos the Emax are a bit flatter, and on some builds that mm is critical (means you don't have to break the surface. However, I find, for the price it's Tower pro hands down. I have had a ~3% failure to launch rate. Where the servos didn't make it. either never, or the gears busted. My Experience with the 5g ones the rate is higher. but that may be my ham-fisted nature when tightening the servo arm screw.

Emax ones have never had that problem - Ever

Tower-Pro sampling size ~30-9g and 15 5g
Emax servo sampling size - 4 9g and 6-5G

Emax sampling size is so Due to an assessment of reliability vs. cost. I have been on a tight budget and price of product has been a woefully important factor.

I have sort-of had 2 planes crash from "servo failure". 1 of those I knew about (pre-flight ham-fisted gear crunch) had a gut - no don't do it- feeling and flew anyway. The other failure was not due to servo mechanism failure but a loose wire.
Thanks everyone, I think I'll just buy the exact parts that were in power pack c to be safe even if it means spending more than I wanted. As for the batteries I'll most likely get one or two from hyperion.
I have found 9 gm metal gear servos on amazon for decent prices. I think 10 servos are around 40 bucks shipped. Amazon also has decent prices on lipos.