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The Standard Repair Kit For Begginers


British Pilot
Hey there all,
The tool that I most use by far is a hot glue gun. They are very cheap and an investment that you will not regret, I assure you! Click Here
As most of you will be starting out on foamies I recomend investing in some toothpicks, as these are the ultimate way to quickly patch up any aircraft at the field. Click Here
Another great tool is a good set of scissors or Stanley knife, useful for modifying those little bits on any foamie aircraft. Click Here
And the final great thing to repair anything is obviously some more foam. This is great for making more permanent changes to the aircraft once the batch job with toothpicks starts to fall apart! Click Here
Until next time,


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
A good start to a much needed list!

Let's see what I can add.

You've got...

Glue Gun
Tooth Picks
Stanley Knife (Razor Knife)
Replacement sheets of foam.

I'd add,

Clear Packing Tape
Gorilla Glue

ok guys, who has more repair items to add to the list?

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Leatherman or similar tool
Razor knife, retractable with snap off segments
Clear packing tape
Foam safe CA and spray accelerator

That's the absolute minimum to take to the field.


Electrical tape, heat shrink, lighter, spare AA batteries, spare servo arms, spare control horns, spare props, velcro, washers to adjust CG, set of tiny screw drivers and set of allen wrenches.