1. L

    Project Advice Please!

    Hi guys, Was wondering if you guys could give me a little advice on my upcoming project: I am wishing to make an fpv rig very similar to the anycopter hex shown in the flitetest batbone video, including position and altitude hold. Will be quadcopter, I already have 3300mah batterys, 25 amp...
  2. Phoxtane

    [HELP] Flight ability at 7200ft above sea level?

    A bit of context: We live in a little town called Laramie, Wyoming where the elevation is 7200 feet above sea level. Of course, at sea level air pressure is usually around one atmosphere, whereas in this town air pressure is ~.77 atmosphere, which means that the air is much thinner here than...
  3. esbirabbit

    CHALLENGE: Altitude

    I don't think this has been done before on Flite Test: Have a challenge where the competitors try and build the highest-flying plane they can (with a limited budget maybe?). Keep up the good work!
  4. Rcplaneguy

    What's YOUR highest altitude??

    Hey all! Just wanted to know, what was you highest altitude you've achieved with your rc model? I don't have any pics or videos, but I've flown my bixler LOS until it was a speck in the sky. I'm guessing it was a thousand feet or so. Feel free to brag and post pictures and videos!:D