[HELP] Flight ability at 7200ft above sea level?


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A bit of context: We live in a little town called Laramie, Wyoming where the elevation is 7200 feet above sea level. Of course, at sea level air pressure is usually around one atmosphere, whereas in this town air pressure is ~.77 atmosphere, which means that the air is much thinner here than elsewhere.

Three years ago I was quite thrilled to receive one of those coaxial micro-RC helicopters for my birthday. It immediately became a huge disappointment when after three trips to Cheyenne (altitude 6062 feet) and numerous accessories and chargers purchased there that the darn thing wasn't even going to get off the ground, let alone fly.

It turns out that the reason it wouldn't fly is because the air was just too thin for the helicopter to get any lift out of its tiny motors (being a clone of a clone of the original product probably didn't help either). The worst bit was that it would fly just fine in Cheyenne where it was purchased, and the people at the place we bought it from flew it around no problem!

My question is thus: Will the Hubsan X4 H107 work in my location at 7200ft above sea level, or is it just going to turn out to be another dud and disappointment for me?

Due to the fact that Wyoming is full of wind and not much else, I can't fly a quadcopter outdoors properly unless I immediately go for a mid-to-large scale quad that'll handle wind with ease, so I'd like to learn on a micro quadcopter; specifically, the Hubsan X4 H107 (due to the Syma X5C being too big to fly inside our house comfortably and too light to handle any wind, according to reviews).



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I find it surprising that 1100ft difference make your model fly or not fly. If it doesn't lift off at 7200ft. at all, it should feel very underpowered at 6062ft. Only point of reference I have: I've flown my 250 quad (obviously a more powerful machine than the Hubsan or Syma) at 5000ft. and it felt the same as at 1000ft or below. Perhaps look at something like a Blade 180. If anything the effects of altitude should tame it down so you can fly it indoors no problem...


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An update: It arrived today and I'm having a wonderful time. I only sent it into the ceiling once, and the cats are staying well away from it - the dog is a different story. He wants to chase after it and eat it. Dialing in the trim is a bit of a problem, because I can't seem to get the trim settings to save, but when they are dialed in it flies quite nicely. I haven't been brave enough to try any flips yet.

Mods can lock this thread as I have my answer (unless you'd like to leave it open if someone else with the same concerns would like to weigh in).