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Project Advice Please!


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Hi guys,
Was wondering if you guys could give me a little advice on my upcoming project:

I am wishing to make an fpv rig very similar to the anycopter hex shown in the flitetest batbone video, including position and altitude hold. Will be quadcopter, I already have 3300mah batterys, 25 amp ESCs and SK3 motors. Looking for cheapest way to get auto camera stabilisation (so cheap gimbal suggestions will be greatly appreciated), with seperate view control (one pilot and one camera operator, or position and altitude hold while pilot has full camera control).
I already have the KK3 hardcase if this is useful.

My multi-rotor experience so far is building and flying the v-tail batbone with fatshark fpv.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


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I don't think that KK2 board is gonna do all you want it to do. I would suggest checking out the new emax skyline 32 advanced with OSD. I had one of the original advanced before the osd was added and that was a very stable and easy to work with board that had ALL the fancy bells and whistles on it. Price isn't too bad considering all the things it can do.


Wake up! Time to fly!
The two things needed for that are a flight controller that is able to talk to a gps receiver or module (not sure what the proper term is for that I have never used it) and the software to make them talk and do what you want. Usually the flight controller software like clean flight or similar talks to all the externals connected to your hardware and controls things like altitude hold via a barometer and position hold from GPS coordinates as well as any return to home functions. Usually some sort of app is used to make it work with way points and long range navigation stuffs.

I also think you are going to need a mid to upper level radio with more then 5 or 6 channels to do all that but don't quote me there as I have never set one up for gps. I have watched Painless360's video series on the Skyline advanced and saw how to set it up and the basics of how it works back when I was learning how to use mine. He does the videos one section at a time for each new feature and not a full control setup where everything is programmed at once so I don't have an actual minimum channel number to toss your way.
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