1. tesseract

    Solved *Solved

    I am in need of a very cheap RC TRainer plane and I'm not that keen on scratchbuilding as I'm low on glue. Something under 75$, and small. Does anyone have a suggestion of which plane I should get? Thanks in advance!! If you can read this, you can eat a cookie :>
  2. E

    new to balsa

    Hey guys.. I have been building, flying and crashing foam planes for 3 or 4 years now. So I decided after I was flying more than crashing I would try Balsa... I started with a SE5a kit it was on sale for $18 and the build and flights were great. I found a scratch and dent p51 and ultimate...
  3. L

    Rtf/Arf Race quad

    Hi, Two months ago i got a Self stabilizing quadcopter and i loved it. Now i want to get deeper in These things. I am Looking for an rtf /Arf Racing quad. Something up to 300- 350 €.:cool: Thanks
  4. jhitesma

    EMAX Nighthawk Pro 280 ARF

    Last year I was given an emax 250 before they were even publicizing it as the nighthawk. Unfortunately the place that provided me with that quad is no longer doing business, but I've had a lot of fun with it. The main reason it was given to me was so I could assist people with getting GPS...
  5. S

    QAV400 ARF, Transmitter, LiPo

    Hey Everyone, Have a partially assembled Luminier QAV400 that I need to sell, along with my Spectrum Transmitter. Everything is new and in perfect condition, I bought the Build it Yourself kit from and due to other obligations have never been able to finish it. This quad has amazing...
  6. N

    Night Flying SK450 Quadcopter w/ LEDs APM2.6 ESC Motors Propellers Batt GPS ARF

    Great condition SK450 Quadcopter Almost Ready To Fly! Fully Wired and built for you! Will ship with propellers, legs and GPS unmounted (all hardware included) Just add your own Receiver and Transmitter and your flying! (Or use the Turnigy one in the pictures!) VIDEOS Night flying Video...
  7. FlyKVegas

    Getting my Bixler 2 to Flap!

    I'm putting my Bixler 2 together and forgot to order a servo reverser. What's the best course of action, reverse the orientation of the servo on the wing? But a servo reverser? Rewire the servo (let's nip that one in the bud, as I haven't gotten into soldering, yet). Also, best to glue the stip...
  8. C

    ARF Tricopter in flite test store

    This could get so many more people into the hobby and I think more people would buy this version instead of a kit which could take a month to build and a headache over the tools needed! I really hope other people feel the same way and I hope their is something in the future for this.
  9. D

    Newbie Advice

    Hello, I am building a 20 year old, new in box futaba professor 40 ARF nitro plane, i have all i need, but not the instruction manual. I have contacted futaba and may or may not get a manual, but i have other questions What glue should i use? its balsa with some foam.. and if im stuck can i post...
  10. John Mangiameli

    Hanger 9 DeNight Special 50

    Hey Forum, I just picked up a Hanger 9 DeNight Special 50 at the local shop and started assembly. Has anyone ever built this plane before? If there is anything funky about this red wonder it would be awesome to know about it before I learn for myself. I only halfway hope I’m the first one to...
  11. Hamdhan

    Bixler ARF Buddy Code

    Hi, Does anyone have a Bixler ARF buddy code I can use? (International Warehouse). If not, what about the following items: - Turnigy 3S 1300mAh LiPo (Nanotech and normal version) - Keychain camera - MicroSD card from Sandisk - TYP1-25A - Turnigy TY-P1 25Amp HEXFET® Brushless ESC (HK-SS-ARF -...