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Night Flying SK450 Quadcopter w/ LEDs APM2.6 ESC Motors Propellers Batt GPS ARF

Great condition SK450 Quadcopter Almost Ready To Fly!
Fully Wired and built for you! Will ship with propellers, legs and GPS unmounted (all hardware included)

Just add your own Receiver and Transmitter and your flying! (Or use the Turnigy one in the pictures!)

Night flying Video!

First Flight with SJ4000 (Go Pro Knock off (not included!))

What Make this one special:
  • Red and white LEDs wrap the body, perfect for night flying!
  • Smooth, great flier, ready for your Go Pro and FPV Gear
  • 15+ minutes flight time!
  • Proven over 2400 foot range! (I chickened out at this point, rated for nearly 5000!)
  • 5000 mah 3 cell 30C Zippy Battery with XT60 connector
  • Ardupilot 2.6 with Stand off Compass and GPS for better signal and no interference
  • Moon Gel Anti-vibration material - BEST there is!!
  • 4 x 10x4.5 Balanced propellers (recently re-balanced)
  • Mint condition Sunny Sky x2212-13 980kv motors!
  • 3 x 20Amp Multistar OPTO ESCs and 1 x 25Amp Detrum ESC (with BEC for power)
  • Voltage sensor (integrates with Ardupilot system)
  • Power Distribution board (hidden in body, cannot see in pictures)
  • (optional) Turnigy 9X 2.4GHz 8Ch Receiver V2 **
  • Twisted ESC wires for interference elimination
  • Yellow Orientation ball
  • Flitetest.com style anti-vibration camera and battery holder for smooth video!
  • 3 Spare arms (white) - Worry free first flights!!!!
  • Spare Carbon fiber body/motor plates
  • Bag of spare screws
  • Blue locktight used all over - Great body construction
  • 152mm Nylon Landing legs - Plenty of Height!
  • 6 x 10cm Male to male Server wires

New to Ardupilot? Check them out!
  • GPS hold
  • Altitude hold
  • Stable mode
  • Acro mode
  • Sport mode
  • Auto return to home
  • 100% autonomous programmed flying with MissionPlanner
  • And more!
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