1. Sasikanth T

    Help! Does B6AC charger stop automatically once my LiPo is fully charged?

    Hi.. I'm new to this beautiful hobby. I have purchased an iMAX B6AC charger online. I balance charge my battery (3S 4200mAH 25C LiPo) and I want to know if the charger automatically stops the charging process once my battery reaches its full capacity. Is there any option like that? Thank you...
  2. M

    Ho do you get the CG on a delta wing?

    I am wondering the best way to get the CG on a delta wing or any swept back flying wing? I know how to get the CG on a straight wing, trainer etc. On a straight wing I usually go one third of the cord from the leading edge and that seems to work fine. Would I do the same with a delta wing...
  3. J

    CG of Bix3

    Hello guys, I've bought the Bix3, and I flied it stock, with the battery all the way in the front. It seemed a little tail heavy. I placed about 50 grams of lead in the cockpit, and now I think it's alright. My CG is on the servo wire of the flaps. Can anyone say whether this is correct or not...
  4. D


    My charger has options of charge AND balance charging. I know balance charging keeps the cells at nice, equal voltages, but is it a thing I should only use once in a while? Does it wear out the battery a bit faster?
  5. Y

    Versa Wing teething issues

    Hello! I've been flying since 1993 and I've returned to the hobby and to electric flight after several years. I've just finished a Versa for combat in my club and this morning went to maiden it and it will not fly. The plane nose dives into the ground. SETUP: pusher setup with the beef electric...
  6. S

    Quad balancing and yaw problems

    how do you guys balance a square quad? I always thought that balancing diagonally prop to prop was the right way to do it but i'm struggling getting the yaw to be stable. Im getting some wobbling when yawing quickly. Is this normal with a quad or should i be getting a smooth stable yaw even...
  7. jsut210

    DLG Wing Advice

    Hey guys! I'm building the Mimi DLG out of balsa and had some questions regarding the wing. My issue is pretty much that I used some less than quality balsa for the outer section of the right wing and it is now unbalanced. This means that one side of the wing is heavier than the other. I have...
  8. E

    Tuning, Levelling, Balancing - Getting it Airborne (Tricopter)

    Good day friends, I've completed the V2.6HV by David, and its to the point where Im trying to get it airborne. I can hover, somewhat, but so far the drift is far too crazy for me to be able to fly it properly. My most recent sessions resulted in two broken Rotor Bone motor mounts, and a lot of...
  9. RoyBro

    Confusion over chargers, balancers, connectors, with lipo

    After ordering parts for a number of builds (swappable and tricopter) I suddenly realized that I had not ordered a charger for the lipo batteries. When I went to look there were so many different models and features that I just closed my eyes and picked one that happened to be available from...
  10. FlyingMaddLadd

    Help Balancing My Li-po?? :D

    Hey guys i Have 3 lipo batteries and a good balance charger, 2 of my batteries are 1000mah 3s 20c and my other 1 is a 3s 850mah and i want to use the balance charge on it so is there any dangers on this or anything i need to know about balancing as i am only new to Rc and anything else i need...