Quad balancing and yaw problems


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how do you guys balance a square quad?

I always thought that balancing diagonally prop to prop was the right way to do it but i'm struggling getting the yaw to be stable.
Im getting some wobbling when yawing quickly.
Is this normal with a quad or should i be getting a smooth stable yaw even when yawing quickly.?

if i hold the stick to full yaw the copter stabilizes but with rapid changes i get the wobble.
Slow yawing is stable.
I'm using APM 2.5
The quad is a QAV 500 style quad made of wood and aluminum. frame is plenty stiff, rigid and square prop to prop.
The COG is right below the props in the z axis.
I have tried many different PID settings. right now i have the APM autotuned settings for Pitch and Roll.

Any suggestions?

I come from tricopters before trying a quad so i might just be spoiled with the yaw authority from a tricopter :p


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It might just be the quad as some motions can confuse the board slightly. If you could post some video of the issue, it might give us a little more to go on.