Confusion over chargers, balancers, connectors, with lipo


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After ordering parts for a number of builds (swappable and tricopter) I suddenly realized that I had not ordered a charger for the lipo batteries. When I went to look there were so many different models and features that I just closed my eyes and picked one that happened to be available from Hobby King's US warehouse. Since ordering it. I question if I chose correctly.

How about reviewing some lower cost chargers (something suitable for beginners, $20 to $50 range) and over-viewing different features, etc. Also I see that some batteries and chargers have different connectors.

You guys Rock!

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I thought there was a charger episode, but I can't find it. (It might be mixed in with the lipo review episode from a while ago.)

There is a nice feature that Flite Test has is the articles section. Slightly different from the forums, it allows people with experience in various topics to create their own articles that other viewers might find useful, but the Flite Test guys haven't had a chance to get to yet.

For example...