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  1. C

    ESC Constant Beep No Solution

    First post. Seriously need some help. I have scoured everywhere and cannot find a solution. I have a Naze32 rev6 FCB, HobbyKing Skywalker 40A ESC's, 2212 Motors, and a FlySky FS-T6 TX and RX. When I get power to my vehicle either through the USB port on the board, or the main power plug. The...
  2. L

    ESC Calibration and fast beeping

    Hello, I am new to building a multirotor so please help me understand what the problem I'm experiencing and how to solve it as I'm still lacking some understanding. I am using Turnigy 25A Plush ESC with HK 3.0 Flight Board. Before I had calibrated my ESC with my tx, my motors would start at...
  3. greencardigan

    Basic ESC question

    Hi, I have a simple question about ESCs. I have had zero experience with RC before so hopefully this isn't a silly question. I've just received a few parts from Hobby king as follows. - Turnigy 30A ESC - f30a - Turnigy 1100kv motor - D2836/8 - Turnigy 4S 3300mAh lipo 30C I haven't...