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ESC Constant Beep No Solution

First post. Seriously need some help. I have scoured everywhere and cannot find a solution.

I have a Naze32 rev6 FCB, HobbyKing Skywalker 40A ESC's, 2212 Motors, and a FlySky FS-T6 TX and RX.

When I get power to my vehicle either through the USB port on the board, or the main power plug. The ESC's will make a steady beep pattern.

I can manually calibrate each ESC and it will throttle up once done, but as soon as it is done calibrating they all begin beeping again.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why they keep beeping after calibration. I am trying to install this Naze32 board, but cant get past the constant beeping.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I'm not much of an FC guy but I have used those ESCs in planes and come across two beeping patterns. The first is about 1 beep per second when the receiver has no connection to the transmitter. The second is about 2-3 times per second and happened when I didn't have the low end of the throttle range calibrated properly so that on power the ESC received a slightly above zero throttle signal. The stick was all the way back but if I pulled down on it the beeping stopped temporarily. Recalibration fixed the issue.


Just did a quick test on one of these ESCs.
Throttle stick all the way up and connect to power (to enter calibration mode)
Wait for two beeps - in calibration mode
Throttle stick all the way down but added some down trim to the throttle so that it would calibrate the zero throttle signal a little low - ESC beeps to confirm calibration
Power disconnect from ESC
Adjusted the throttle trim back to zero trim (so when the ESC powers up it will see a signal a little over zero)
Power connected to the ESC and voila - constant beeping at 2-3 times per second.
So in my case, this beeping sound was telling me that throttle was not all the way down to zero on power up.
Another calibration round fixed it.

Hope this is helpful
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Mine is about 1 per second. I can pull the board up on cleanflight and see that it is receiving signal from my TX and all the channels are correct. So I almost wonder if I am missing a setting or something that is keeping it from communicating through the board.


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Looking at the manual for this ESC (attached).

Skywalker ESC Specs.jpg

Do you have the UBEC version of the ESC? If so, have you disconnected the power wire from 3 of the ESCs from the board (assuming this is a quad). You can cause issues if you connect multiple switching BECs to an Rx (assume its the same with an FC). Also, just to confirm, what S (3S / 4S) battery are you using (the UBEC can take 4S but the non-UBEC (linear voltage regulator) can only take 3S.

The reason I ask this is that the manual states the beep patterns you can get for troubleshooting.

Skywalker ESC Beeps.jpg

It seems that the beep pattern and frequency matches an "abonormal input voltage" - ie if you have the linear regulator version but are trying to connect to 4S this might cause the beeping.

Lastly, it is possible that the ESC is programmed for the wrong type of battery (NiMH instead of Lipo) which may lead to the incorrect voltage being detected and causing the beeping. The pic below shows you how (with the Tx Throttle Stick) you can check and correct the battery type setting.

Skywalker ESC programming.jpg


View attachment Skywalker ESC.pdf
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I have a 3s lipo. I bought this quad many years ago from xheli , but had a spill and replaced a few parts, motors arms and the board due to snapping off the USB port. It flew fine for years before that on the same escs and batteries. It flew fine on the new motors also. Just started acting up when I got the new board

Another thing to note. Before the motors would do the initial tone of a quick 123 then 3 beeps then 1 long. Now it just does 123 and start as doing the beep.....beep....beep no 3 beeps in sequence.
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So as it turns out I was missing a setting. Esc protocol needed to be changed to PWM. Once I flashed it let me calibrate the esc through cleanflight and stopped beeping!

Thanks for the help DamoRC