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Basic ESC question


I have a simple question about ESCs. I have had zero experience with RC before so hopefully this isn't a silly question.

I've just received a few parts from Hobby king as follows.

- Turnigy 30A ESC - f30a
- Turnigy 1100kv motor - D2836/8
- Turnigy 4S 3300mAh lipo 30C

I haven't received my transmitter or receiver yet but tried connecting these three parts together expecting to hear the ESC/motor make some beeps. But I get nothing!

Am I doing something wrong? :confused: I've tried three different ESCs and a few motors but still nothing. I am getting 5V on the ESC control cable though.


Old age member
If you are into building or assembling things yourself i can recommend you to buy a cheap servo tester (only a few dollars).
It will help you to get everything coorect without the need to start up your radio Equipment.
Check the motor/esc och zero the servos before mounting the servo arm and attach the servo to the plane.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I have one of those and it works great for servos BUT for certain esc motor combinations it causes jittering at high speed that feels like bad motor bearings. The HK Red Brick ESC's don't like it at all. Mine may just have a fault?