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  1. elbro_dark

    Omnibus F4 Pro broken usb port fix with FTDI-Adapter.

    Hi, I broke my USB port on my Omnibus F4 Pro, and i dont know how i can connect the FTDI-Adapter to the board. If i google a How-To i can only find some "normal" F4 boards.:( Here is a Sketch of my board: and here is my Adapter: i hope someone can help me.
  2. R

    London, foam board.

    Hello, I have been searching for foam board for a build of FT Spitfire, however I am not sure either where and which exact foam board to get. Has anybody purchased foam board here in UK, which exact type and where? Thank you for any help or advise, any information is helpful.
  3. Bob A

    Waterproofing the older 'white' foam board

    I thought I remembered that the hot glue does not stick to the foam board after it has been coated with Water Based Minwax Polycrylic? If so, coating the parts BEFORE assembly is out of the question and I need to assemble the aircraft first. Is this correct? Thanks, Bob
  4. G

    Boardcam Recomendations?

    Ok, so have been flying FPV through my gopro for a bit now, built myself up a dart250 and some multistar elite 2204 motors... This thing is a beast!!! Anyway, I want to get boardcam, partly for weight-might get a Mobius, and also have heard too many horror stories about gopros cutting out... My...
  5. P

    Foam Board Czech Republic/EU or UK or EBAY - where to buy, please?

    What kind of material is it and where to buy such material (possibly in Europe - Czech Republic) for it for such nice strach build planes, please?
  6. F

    Where to get Foam Board in Brisbane, Australia

    Hey guys I have searched all over for foam board in Brisbane from hardware stores to art shops to reject shops. I was wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area knows where to get foam board and if so could guide me to your foamy sources! Thank you!
  7. L

    Swappable Hydroplane Build

    Hey Guys, Years back I attempted to build a hydroplane that is land, water, or air worthy. I was just getting into the RC stuff and the idea has hit me again and given the talent on the flite test show I think it would prove to be a great addition. The challenge would be to make it use...
  8. D

    Multiwii Pro won't react to transmitter-H-Quad Scratch builld

    Hi everyone So i've just build my first quad following the Flitetest H-quad plans. The only difference is that i'm using the Multiwii pro with GPS board for control. My problem is that i can't get the board to recognize anything from my transmitter. I know the transmitter/receiver works fine...
  9. T

    UK EU Foam Board Distribution?

    Hello FT Community What would your thoughts be (FT Community) on a UK / EU Distribution of similar to Dollar Tree Foam board (lighter than the stuff we can get now) and at a much lower price. We would be looking at around the £2.00 or better per A1 sheet in packs of 10. I have a manufacturer...
  10. N

    Foam Board

    I have ordered the electronics for my first scratch build, being in the UK I am unable to source Dollar Tree Foam Board cheaply so I was wondering are there any good substitutes and what are there disadvantages/advantages compared to DTFB. Plus could someone post the weight of a A1 5mm sheet of...
  11. V

    Foam BOard is it 5mm or 6mm ?

    Hi is the Foam paperbacked board 5mm or 6mm ? Also, has anyone found a UK Supplier yet of identical board? thanks
  12. B

    Transferring plans to foam board?

    OK, simple nooby question. I am starting into scratch building with a Bloody Wonder. Here is my question: How do I transfer the lines from the plans to the foam board? I can see laying the plans on top of the board and poking a pin or thumbtack through at each corner and then "connecting the...
  13. jamiedco

    Foam Board Dlg

    hello all since going threw David's site (rcexplorer.se) i have been wanting a dlg . but i am not that skilled with gliders so i don't want to spend a few hundred dollars on a dlg that i will probable kill . so after some searching i found a foam board dlg so when i kill it it will be cheap to...