1. N

    Mirroring plans

    Hey guys, I’m going to make the Ft bronco and it requires I mirror a wing. What is a good way to mirror it. I hope I’m not an idiot and there’s a simple solution..
  2. AgentC

    Plane EZ Bronco 1.5

    OV-10 Bronco! This works with both the 2-channel and the 3-channel power packs. The turning radius and flight response is much tighter with the 3-channel, naturally. Wingspan:14" Foam Board Weight: Approx. 20g Total weight with 3-channel parts: Approx. 50g Original Maiden: Version 1.5 Full...
  3. T

    Bronco motor mounts

    Hi I'm building the FT Bronco. I've just found that the two matching motor mounts are, in fact, different sizes. One is about 3mm taller than the other. Has anyone any ideas why? All the best to all Steve (Tedebear)
  4. H

    New Brit signing in here, looking into doing some Decal work!

    Heya, thanks for clicking! I've been interested with aviation and artsy stuff since a very early age, and still at the age of 21 this enjoyment is still going strong! Want to start off by saying a big thanks to the whole FT team both past, present, and future. You guys got me back into this...
  5. B

    Chasing with a wizardx220

  6. J

    Bronco Battery Question...

    So... I've got the Bronco built, same electronics as the power pack B. I'm planning on flying it with the 2200 Mah 3s 20-30C discharge rate batteries that I have for the maiden, but I'm wondering... I have a 5000 Mah 3s 25-35C sitting around too. Is that something I could try flying with? Do I...
  7. P

    Collapsible FT Bronco?

    Hi everyone, I'm building an FT Bronco and I was wondering how I could make it more easily transportable. It's basically about breaking down the booms from the wing and the tail (the A-Style for me) from the booms, so I could carry the plane in a more compact case to/from the flying field. I...
  8. Centus

    FT Bronco mod --> P-38 Lightning!

    Hi everybody, I just finished the prototype of my P-38 mod to the FT Bronco design. I really like the Bronco, but I wasn't a huge fan of the way the center fuselage looked. I also reeeeeally like the P-38 Lightning, so if I was going to change things around, why not make it more P-38-like...
  9. J

    FT Bronco

    I was just looking at the Flite Test store and i saw this: it looksa bit like the Chimera VTOL Peter made. if there is already a thread on this i apologise (i couldnt see one) Will
  10. Techno

    Twin Boom, Twin Engine, FPV, Cargo Plane Build Thread

    I'm going to build a plane to bring to FliteFest 2015, and I want it to be able to do everything (except combat, I'll bring something else for that) that I want to do there. I've decided that since I've got some matching motors around, I'll build a twin engine, because I haven't made a twin...