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Collapsible FT Bronco?


Junior Member
Hi everyone,

I'm building an FT Bronco and I was wondering how I could make it more easily transportable.
It's basically about breaking down the booms from the wing and the tail (the A-Style for me) from the booms, so I could carry the plane in a more compact case to/from the flying field.

I suppose I could put BBQ skewers on the booms in front of the wing and behind it and press the booms against the wing with rubber bands. Do you think that would hold them tight enough?
Regarding the A-tail, I'm not sure. The boom/tail interface could be BBQ skews too to hold them in place but I'm a bit concerned about the rigidity at the middle of the tail. If I want to transport it flat, I'd need not to glue the two halves.
Do you think that would be alright?

Thanks for your answers and/or input,