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buddy box

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    Spektrum Buddy Boxing: Explain it to me like im 5

    Hey all, I've recently been wanting to help some coworkers get off the ground by buddy boxing with them. However, I can't seem to get it figured out. It is a simple process but I've tried too many things that don't work and now I'm very confused. We all have Spektrum DX6 or DX6e radios. Please...
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    Buddy Boxing a OrangeRX T-SIX

    Hello guys! I am not much an introduction talker, so here's my first post, and it's a problem :) So, as I am a cheap and poor student, I couldn't affort a proper radio, so I bought a used a T-Six. Now I actually got a reaaly cheap second T-Six, and I want to buddybox those two to fly wiht my...