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Buddy Boxing a OrangeRX T-SIX


Junior Member
Hello guys! I am not much an introduction talker, so here's my first post, and it's a problem :)

So, as I am a cheap and poor student, I couldn't affort a proper radio, so I bought a used a T-Six. Now I actually got a reaaly cheap second T-Six, and I want to buddybox those two to fly wiht my little bro. I cut a S-Video cable to specs, and it works fine with my simulator, I triple checked that, and verifyed it with a multimeter. Both transmitters turn on when the cable is plugged into the port (there are two pins that need to be shorted for that).

Ok so here's the problem: I cant get the master Tx to pass control to the slave Tx.

My procedure, as read on another place I don't remember right now:
Turn master Tx on
Turn plane on
Plug cable to master Tx
Plug cable to (shut of) slave Tx (turn on automatically now)

what should happen now is that when I press the trainer switch, the master Tx should loose control and the slave should get control. but, nothing happens. What got me wonderning was, the master Tx doesn't even loose control.

What am I doing wrong here?
Anyone having expirence with two T-Sixes buddyboxed?

My guess was that should work easily, because HK even sells a buddy box cable...which btw is no option for me, since it would be like 30 bucks shipping to germany as it isn't stock in the EU warehouse.

Anyways, I would be glad if anyone has any suggestions, and thanks in advance!
Have a good flight!