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build list

  1. FoamyDM

    FoamyDM's Hanger and projects List

    FoamyDM's Hanger PLANES In service FT-Mini Sea Duck by AircPirateNinsei FT-TinyTrainer FT-Bloody Baron FT Corsair F4U FoamyDM Mini Explorer FT-x29 Bloody Lightning FT-Charlie* FT-Sparrow* FT-70 Valkyrie Chuck Glider FT Scout FoamyDM Vaught OS2U KingFisher FT Explorer - Tony the Tiger In the...
  2. H

    Build first quad copter, Need help!

    Hi, I am new to the RC community and i want to go into the quad copter. I am trying to figure out what parts i should buy. I want to build my quad so it can carry GoPro camera. I have found i think every thing i need but i am not sure if i am buying the right things or if i am missing...
  3. L

    Trojan Build

    I think you guy can do a trojan and make look really good and beautiful. I like to see a Trojan build if you guys can do one.
  4. K

    New BatBone V-Tail BuildLog

    Hello fellow FliteTesters. In the spoiler is a quick introduction about me: So I have the plans on building myself a batbone v-tail (the upside down v-tail like in the batbone video at the factory). I have not yet ordered anyparts yet because i would like to abuse your knowledge about...
  5. C

    Options for metal digital servos for the pivot motor mount on Bat Bone Tricopter

    I am looking at servos and the one recommended is of course out of stock on hobby king as usual. I found this http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9816__Hitec_HS_65MG_Micro_Metal_Gear_Servo_1_8kg_12g_0_14sec.html?gclid=CNidhdLzorkCFQyZ4Aod80UAWw is available at a local hobby shop and...
  6. T

    New to multicopters, what to buy?

    Can you guys tell me if this is everything I'll need. I'm trying to build a multirotor for FPV with a GoPro Hero 2. Also, what props would you suggest, and is it 2 and 2 LHR RHR or all the same? Thanks in advance...