Options for metal digital servos for the pivot motor mount on Bat Bone Tricopter


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Here's what David recommended early on, and they work great for $20.

Here's an analog servo I have on my tri and it works really well also. AND it's cheap.



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I'm not 100% sure on the models, but for my tricopter I bought a metal gear HS-80 (?) and burned out the motor in a crash. Then I bought an HS-81 (?) with plastic gears and striped them in another crash. They were both analog. Then I read somewhere about the differences between analog vs digital servos and the article came to the conclusion that people are crazy to not use digital servos. The biggest negative about digital servos are the higher cost and they draw slightly more power which equates out to a few seconds less of flight time. Well, after 2 analog servos, I bought this metal gear digital servo from banggood.com and I love it. It isn't as large as the other servos I've had but it moves the rear platform just fine. I like to think I fly my tricopter more aggressive than others so I think I push it pretty hard. If you haven't had a digital servo before I'm sure you'll be happy with an analog. However, for me, after flying with this digital servo, I have no interest in using analog servos again if I can avoid it - others may disagree but that was my experience. In fact, I've liked it so well, I've placed another order for a second one just to have an extra if I have any more crashes... I mean "rough landings".